ACTCON 2016 Steve Coughlin DVD
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ACTCON 2016 Steve Coughlin DVD

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Steve Coughlin spoke at the 2016 ACT for America National Conference titling his message, We are at War: The Calm Before the Storm?

Approximately 42 minutes

Stephen Coughlin is a lawyer and former Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence analyst who was in effect fired by the Pentagon at the request of Hesham Islam who has since been suspected of being an Islamic terrorist sympathizer. Coughlin’s warnings that the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is affiliated with the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood led Hesham Islam to call him “a Christian zealot with a pen.” Subsequently, the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not renew Coughlin’s contract as an intelligence analyst. In ignoring Coughlin’s warnings, dramatically emphasized by its January 2008 termination of Coughlin, the Pentagon turned a deliberate blind eye to the reality of Islamic terrorism (i.e., the actions of then United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon R. England, a.k.a. Gullible Gordie), leading directly to Nidal Malik Hasan’s November 2009 Jihadist attack.

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